Adapting our investments to the new economic era

Posted by - noviembre 13, 2017

It should not be forgotten to anyone that the world of finance and investment that we knew before the debt crisis – a decade ago – was very different. At that time it was enough to invest in good listed companies at a good price (equity) for those seeking long-term reasonable returns. And all the

Bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us. The true cause of his fall

Posted by - septiembre 19, 2017

Today announced the presentation of Chapter 11, US suspension of payments the iconic toys chain Toys “R” Us. As is usual in recent days, Amazon is blamed for the fall in disfavor of the retail sector in the US and Toys “R” Us in particular but probably other factors are causing the fall of the

Canada. Next victim of a brick bubble

Posted by - julio 17, 2017

Canada has a great virtue is that it is usually a country with a reputation for quiet that goes unnoticed on the international scene (the last controversy I remember about Canada was the war of the halibut with Spain in 1995). However, this may change in the coming years when the brick bubble that has