Adapting our investments to the new economic era

Posted by - noviembre 13, 2017

It should not be forgotten to anyone that the world of finance and investment that we knew before the debt crisis – a decade ago – was very different. At that time it was enough to invest in good listed companies at a good price (equity) for those seeking long-term reasonable returns. And all the

The impact of the electric car on the price of raw materials

Posted by - septiembre 25, 2017

The people of UBS have done a fantastic study analyzing the components that one of the most sold electric cars has the Chevy Bolt and the changes that an electric car has in consumption of raw materials with respect to a “traditional” equivalent model such as the VW Golf and what impact it can have

Bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us. The true cause of his fall

Posted by - septiembre 19, 2017

Today announced the presentation of Chapter 11, US suspension of payments the iconic toys chain Toys “R” Us. As is usual in recent days, Amazon is blamed for the fall in disfavor of the retail sector in the US and Toys “R” Us in particular but probably other factors are causing the fall of the

Sorry but Tesla does not dominate the electric car market

Posted by - julio 10, 2017

With a market capitalization of about $ 52 billion, similar to what GM, Ford or Nissan have today, no one doubts that Tesla is a brand of cars that has absolutely enthusiastic customers and that in some way leads the way to the car until today. electric, how it also seems certain that sooner or

How many companies like Amazon survived the dotcom bubble?

Posted by - julio 9, 2017

In March 2000, fully effervescence of the dotcom bubble, Barron’s magazine revealed a listing of 207 corporations that had come back recently commerce and had no advantages and burned giant amounts of money. The list was Amazon one in all the {good|the nice} successes of the dotcom era however as forever assume it’s good to

BMN absorption trigger the market share of Bankia in Granada, Baleares and Murcia

Posted by - junio 29, 2017

When the merger of BMN finish (the operation is scheduled to be completed throughout the primary half 2018), genus Bankia can become the leading entity in urban center, Murcia and therefore the Balearic Islands. in line with a report in the week by the entity chaired by Goirigolzarri, the market share of deposits in urban

HUSTLE hecatombe and the milagro Cebrían

Posted by - junio 28, 2017

It is true that in 2008 Spain swept an economic crisis of massive proportions, and it is true that the media in general are in a position to check with the paradigm shift involved in internet, but almost 10 years later and seeing the results of PRISA group , one wonders how he managed to