Seven deceptions to defraud job seekers

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With an annual unemployment of 9.4 percent, to November, many Colombians are in this beginning of the year in search of employment.

Others venture into the labor market trying to improve their positions.

To all of them is directed the alert that the human management area of ​​Legis does, so that it does not end up being victims of unscrupulous people who launch fraudulent calls, in order to take advantage of the need of the unemployed to obtain profit. These are the most used modalities by individuals and scam companies.

1. Alert if they ask for a consignment.

Under the pretext that they must cover the costs of medical examinations or similar aspects, many unsuspecting consign sums that end up in the pockets of scammers. According to Legis, as soon as they ask for some money in advance, suspect that it is a false job offer.

Legally, no one has the right to demand payment of money from candidates for vacancies.

2. Will you work first to show your ability?

Once the applicant for a job is told that he must perform certain activities for a day or two, because he must show his abilities, it is time to suspect. Legis has identified that even in some opportunities they are forced to do street sales despite the fact that, according to Quijano, it is illegal to provide a labor service without a signed and legalized work contract.

3. Eye to the site where you find out about the job.

Fraud lovers change and increase their strategies to deceive. Above all, in this digital age. In the case of job offers, they can falsify even business logos. Therefore, the recommendation of Legis is to doubt calls that arrive by mail, mainly if the message does not have corporate domain. The job search should be done, as far as possible, through the recognized portals and, if possible, verify the existence of the vacancy directly on the company’s page.

4. A zoologist is looking for watering plants

For Legis, one of the signs of deception in a job offer is the inconsistency in the description of the required profile. Be alert if there is any entanglement between the professional requirement and the requested experience.

5. The paper portfolio is for later

First of all, to apply for an offer of employment, in the initial stage of a recruitment process, usually you can not ask for anything other than the resume. If you are asked for unconventional documents, such as receipts from public services, it may be an illegal offer.

6. A home visit is not a primary requirement.

Batteries if you are alone in a preselection and they tell you that you should make a home visit. This requirement, which is scarce among the serious calls (unless it is a job that requires extreme confidence), can not be imposed before a personal interview.

7. Phone calls lend themselves to everything.

Just as a phone call can make an unemployed person happy, it is also necessary to be cautious with them to avoid a headache. According to Legis, the normal thing is that the company communicates to coordinate the interview or the citation to present the psychometric tests, but not to request money or delivery of documents.

Even with all these possible setbacks, there are millions of safe and reliable job offers. Do not be discouraged.

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