FinTech Afluenta continues its growth in Peru

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The first network of Collaborative Financing in Latin America, increased in the last year the number of creditors in more than 52%

Afluenta, the first collaborative financing network in Latin America, increased to S / 25,000 the maximum amount that can be requested for personal and commercial loans through its 100% online platform in Peru. This increase is due to the confidence deposited by Peruvian creditors, the company reported.

By increasing the maximum amount to finance up to S / 25,000, we hope that more people can develop their personal projects as an investment in stock for the next school year, and even achieve the development of their own business, “explained Oscar Salas, country head of Afluenta Peru .

Currently, Afluenta provides loans ranging from S / 2,000 to S / 25,000 in fixed installments of 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months, and with a 100% online process.

In the last year, the number of creditors increased by more than 52%. This allowed an increase of over 93% in the granting of credits that obtain an offer of 47 creditors per request made every 2 seconds, Salas reported.

“These indicators are a reflection that the profitability obtained through collaborative finance is the best option to double, the performance of the financial system with traditional products,” he concluded.

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