Ant expenses, among factors to consider before becoming independent

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The Condusef suggests to those who think “fly from the nest” to elaborate a budget and eat at home

Among the purposes of some people for this year is to become independent and to meet this goal it is necessary to consider some important factors such as making a budget, avoiding ant expenses and eating at home.

According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), making the decision to “fly out of the nest” implies keeping in mind what the fixed expenses will be like rent, telephone, water, electricity, maintenance and pantry, in addition to personal expenses, and for this it is required to prepare a budget.

It is also important to end with the so-called ant expenses, so it is important to spend as little as possible on snacks, coffee in the mornings and go out less to meetings in which you can spend more than necessary.

Another point to consider, he explains, is to save to solve expenses such as the guarantee deposit for the rent of the department or the purchase of the furniture; as well as avoid using credit cards to avoid borrowing; learn to cook and schedule the week’s menu to find out what to buy from the pantry and avoid unnecessary purchases.

The Condusef highlights that it is necessary to be clear about how you want to live, if you want to rent an apartment or just share it with another person.

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