All the forecasts of the last Latin Focus Consensus Forecast

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[GALLERY] According to a report made with 27 entities in the country, the economic growth reached by Peru in the year would reach 3.7%, putting us even above the US. or Japan

The country’s economic growth last year did not turn out as expected and, according to the February Latin Focus Consensus Forecast report, GDP growth in 2018 will be 3.7%; a figure that -although it places Peru above the United States, the euro zone, its Latin American counterparts and Japan- is below the government’s official projections.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has ratified that its growth forecast for 2018 remains at 4%, since investment and consumption decisions have not changed, and public investment continues to improve steadily.

It should be noted that a vital push to achieve this projection would be given by the approval of the Bill presented by the Executive in replacement of the D.U. 003, decree that has been extended this week for one more month to be debated by the Congress of the Republic.

The measures proposed in this legislative initiative seek to guarantee the continuity of various investment projects that will be key to this year’s economic growth in infrastructure issues, and not to break the chain of payments to suppliers and workers associated with these investments.


As detailed in the report, through the survey conducted to 27 different entities, the performance of the national economy in the four quarters of the year would be 3.9%, 4.3%, 3.5% and 3.8%, respectively.

Likewise, the survey reveals that the confidence figures of the business sector have risen from 53.7 to 58.5 points from December 2017 to January 2018.

The highest estimate of growth by sectors is the manufacturer that is expected to reach 2.8%, followed by the market for trade with 2.6%.


In Latin America, the expansion of the Peruvian economy of 3.7% for this year is in the second position, after Paraguay and Bolivia with growth of 3.8% each.

They are followed by Uruguay (3.1%), Argentina (3%), Chile (3%), Colombia (2.6%), Brazil (2.5%), Mexico (2.2%) and Ecuador (1). 7%).

In other instances, Peru enters a positive territory where analysts of the forum projected that Peru will register an expansion greater than that of Latin America (2.3%), the United States (2.6%), the euro zone (2.2%). %), Japan (1.3%) this year.


In 2019 Peru will share the second place at the regional level with Bolivia, with growth of 3.8 %%, after Paraguay that will grow 3.9%.

They will be followed by the economies of Argentina (3.2%), Uruguay (3.1%), Chile (3.1%), Colombia (3%), Brazil (2.7%), Mexico (2.3%). and Ecuador (1.7%).

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