Tapia rejects the EU seeking ‘revenge’ before the announcement of US tariffs and advocates negotiation

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The Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia, has rejected the EU seeking solutions that go through the ‘rematch’ before the tariff policy proposed by the US. and he has advocated seeking negotiation and agreement.

Tapia has made these demonstrations during his speech at the meeting ‘Forum Europe Tribune Euskadi’, where he stressed that the advance of populism in Europe, the Brexit in the United Kingdom or protectionist measures announced by the US president, Donald Trump, they make them stay in ‘vilo’ and the Basque Government is busy ‘in dealing with them’.

However, the Basque minister has acknowledged that the autonomous government ‘alone can do little if it goes alone’, and has indicated that the obligation of the Basque Government is ‘work with the EU as part of a whole and do it together’.

Arantxa Tapia has pointed out that there are aspects, such as the ‘threat’ to steel or aluminum before the tariff policy announced by the US, which surpass the territory and, therefore, are coordinated with Brussels, which, In turn, it negotiates with the United States.

Agreement and negotiation

The counselor has stated that she would not like to seek revenge from the EU before the announced tariffs and believes that the Trade Commissioner of the European Union, Cecilia Malmström, to which Tapia has written a letter expressing its concern about this topic, does not think that that would be ‘the ideal situation’.

In his opinion, one is in a scenario in which an agreement and a negotiation with the United States is possible. ‘This is what we are working on and I trust that it will be that way’, he added

As he has indicated, the European reaction to the announcement of tariffs has been ‘fast’ and he knows that ‘it is going in the right direction’. ‘We are going to continue working through our international networks and trying to get a unified response from the EU. Also from Foreign Action of the Basque Government was working with the US embassy, ​​we have many actions to start but alone we will not be able to do ‘, he added.

Finally, he stated that the ‘detail’ of these tariffs is not yet known, so the situation is one of ‘uncertainty’ and its impact in Euskadi can not be quantified.

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