MEF extended the validity of the D.U. 003 for 30 days more

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Faced with the impossibility of approving the bill to replace the emergency decree, the MEF decided to extend its validity to continue the debate in Congress

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) decided to extend, for a period of 30 days, the validity of emergency decree 003 (D.U. 003), whose expiration date was this Wednesday, February 14.

The head of the sector, Claudia Cooper, said that this decision responds to the need to continue with the debate on the bill that the Executive introduced last week; precisely to take the post of the D.U. that is about to expire.

The Economy and Justice commissions had an extraordinary session today to discuss the project, but the debate will require more time.

As it is remembered, the bill presented by the MEF and the Ministry of Justice proposes to extend the scope of the D.U. 003 to companies associated with those convicted of unlawful acts; as well as to the firms in the investigation process for participating in this type of activities.

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