In 2017, 7% more counterfeit euro coins were detected than in 2016

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In 2017, 160,914 euro coins were seized and withdrawn from the circulation, 7% more than in 2016, in addition to 31,059 counterfeits that were identified before being put into circulation, according to data published today by the European Commission.

The most counterfeit currency continues to be that of two euros, with 72% of all counterfeits detected (115,249 pieces), followed by 50 cents (17% of the total or 27,939 coins) and one euro (11% of the total). or 17,723 coins).

The Commission is responsible for detecting and removing counterfeit currencies from the market, while the European Central Bank, based in Frankfurt, is responsible for controlling counterfeit banknotes.

According to the data revealed by the issuer in January, in the second half of 2017, 363,000 counterfeit banknotes were withdrawn from circulation, 85% of which were 20 and 50 euros, a very low figure considering that in total they circulate about 21,000 million bills.

The Commission and the ECB cooperate with the European (Europol) and international (Interpol) police agencies to help European Union states seize counterfeits and combat this type of organized crime.

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