Honda will review vehicles of Pilot and Accord models in Peru

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The company reported that a possible failure can generate a malfunction in the airbag of the units

The Indecopi reported that, voluntarily, the Honda brand called for the revision of 765 vehicles corresponding to the Accord and Pilot models, manufactured in 2013.

According to the information provided by the company, there is the possibility of a flaw in the assembly of the detonation of the airbag (airbag), which could cause improper deployment.

In addition, there would be the possibility of an increase in the inflow of moisture in the inflators, which would cause their rupture. This, in turn, would cause an unstable detonation, causing parts of the propeller to be detached and issued through the airbag, causing minor or serious injuries to the occupant.

In the units involved in this revision the inflator of the pilot’s and the co-pilot’s airbag must be replaced.

For consumers to know if their vehicles are involved in the review, they can enter the company’s website

The Directorate of the National Consumer Protection Authority will be in charge of enforcing compliance with the actions reported by the company to ensure that the rights of consumers are respected, in accordance with the Consumer Protection and Defense Code.

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