Trump tries to prevent the publication of the controversial book on his first year in office

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The president’s lawyers have also threatened Bannon to stop his accusations

What counts the book ?: Donald Trump did not want to win the elections

Bannon accuses Trump Jr. of “betrayal” and Trump says his former adviser “has lost his mind”

The lawyers of President Donald Trump have demanded that the publication and distribution of an expected book written by journalist Michael Wolff about his first year in office be suspended, as confirmed by the law firm that issued the lawsuit to the editors. Trump demands that it be interrupted and avoided any publication, disclosure or distribution of the book. ”

The 11-page document also requests that those responsible publish “a full and complete retraction as well as a request for an apology.”

“In addition, please immediately send an electronic copy of the book (…) and via courier a hard copy to this office so that we can properly evaluate the statements contained therein,” the president’s attorneys added to the editor.’Fire and Fury : Inside of Trump White House ‘(‘ Fire and Fury: inside the White House of Trump ‘) is the title of the controversial book that will be released this Tuesday.

After the publication of some extracts of the same in the British newspaper The Guardian and in the New York Magazine, both means with which the author collaborates, the White House has initiated legal actions. As a result of the scandal, Wolff’s work is the first volume of purchase anticipated in Amazon.El author of the book has published an article in Hollywood Reporter, where from the title makes clear his opinion on what he has seen: “My year in the crazy White House of Trump. ”

Also the lawyers of the president of the United States sent to the former presidential adviser Steve Bannon, one of the characters interviewed for the book that they intend to censor, a legal document so that it ceases in his declarations about the ruler and fulfills the commitment of confidentiality that he signed.

The document, known as the “cease and desist” order, echoed by local media today, urges Bannon to stop making statements that violate the confidentiality agreement he signed when he became campaign manager and chief strategist of the tycoon. real estate and prepare for an “imminent” legal action.

That legal action comes after Wednesday’s excerpts of a book that Bannon described as “betrayal” and “unpatriotic” a meeting in 2016 between Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., and a group of Russians seeking of documents that harmed his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. According to Wolff’s book, Bannon referred to the meeting held in June 2016 at the Trump Tower in New York, where in addition to Donald Jr participated the son-in-law of the ruler , Jared Kushner, the then head of his campaign, Paul Manafort, and the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

“He has breached the agreement (confidentiality) to, among other things, communicate with author Michael Wolff about Mr. Trump, members of his family and the Company (Trump Organization), disclose confidential information to Mr. Wolff and make statements derogatory and in some cases directly defamatory to Mr.

Wolff about Mr. Trump, the members of his family and the Company, “says the” cease and desist “order sent to Bannon. Previously, the White House had issued a harsh statement from Trump in which the tycoon claimed that Bannon He had “lost his mind” when he was fired as an advisor and claimed that his former strategist has “nothing to do” with him or his presidency.

“Steve was rarely in a meeting alone with me and just pretends to have had influence to dupe a few who do not have access or have no idea, who has helped write false books,” said the president in reference to the book of Wolff.

Bannon was one of the most powerful figures in the White House from January to August 2017, when he was fired without further explanation and returned to the ultraconservative publication Breitbart News, which he already ran before becoming involved in the Trump presidential campaign. The president then said that the return of Bannon would give the medium a new and intelligent voice that would make the competition to false news.

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