The multimillion-dollar wedding of the tycoon’s daughter Jeff Sutton

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The multi-billionaire Jeff Sutton has moved all the threads of the world to give his daughter the fairytale wedding she always dreamed about. Sutton – also known as the ‘king of retail’ in the United States and owner of some of the most important luxury boutiques in Manhattan, such as Dolce & Gabanna, Armani or Escada – has not noticed any expense to please the wishes of his daughter Renee and her fiance Eliot Cohen, who will get married this afternoon in the Italian region of Puglia, in the south of the country.

According to the Daily Mail, it is estimated that the investment made by the businessman at the wedding of his daughter is more than 25 million dollars (about 21 million euros), a negligible figure compared to the capital that Sutton owns (3.6 billion dollars). dollars, according to current Forbes data).


The young couple, who will be married at 6 pm in a Jewish ceremony held on a platform near the abbey of San Stefano, a privileged place on the banks of the Adriatic, has also enabled a beach near the place where The link will be held to continue with the celebrations once they have married.

According to the British newspaper, Sutton and the more than 400 guests who will attend the link, flew a few days ago in a private jet to the south of Italy, which has made several trips to move the audience to the Italian Riviera. A plane rented for hours that, including the return trip, would have cost the tycoon a whopping amount of 5 million dollars (about 4.2 million euros).

Once in Puglia, the fortunate attendants to the 3-day wedding of Sutton’s daughter have been able to relax in a luxurious complex (about 420 euros a night) and celebrate their pre-wedding in style. In addition, to facilitate the stay of the guests to what has already been called as ‘the wedding of the year’, would have contracted the service of at least 50 vehicles available to them to allow mobility between the different enclaves.

As for the menu that you will taste, it will be prepared by more than 50 professionals from one of the most prestigious caterins of the Big Apple, and will include many dishes elaborated rigorously under the rules of the ‘kosher’, that is, respecting the Jewish rite.

Given the confidentiality clause signed by the guests, there is no confirmation about who will attend and who will not attend the multimillion-dollar wedding. However, according to various international media, it is expected that those present will be Chelsea Clinton or Ivanka Trump, who, in addition, could be one of the bridesmaids of the bride. On the other hand, it has also been speculated that Madonna is one of the people in charge of animating the party with her music.

One of the great unsolved mysteries is still the dress – or dresses – of the bride. However, given the ‘unlimited’ budget of the Sutton family, as well as the signatures that the head of the family owns, it would not be surprising that Renee wore different pieces of couture of incalculable value. In this sense, several Italian media point to Zuhair Murad or Valentino as possible signatures.

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