The King warns: in Catalonia must be imposed “plurality, stability and respect”

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The King has condensed his Christmas message of 2017 in 1,431 words without leaving a single topic in the ink. If someone thought that the monarch would elude with euphemism the Catalan conflict and the elections of last Thursday, he was confused, because that crucial issue has devoted much of his speech. Felipe VI has acknowledged that this has been “a difficult year for our life together; a year marked, above all, by the situation in Catalonia “, a situation that has framed in” an open and solidary Spain, not closed in on itself; a Spain that recognizes and respects our differences, our plurality and our diversity, with an integrating spirit; a Spain inspired by an unwavering will of concord “.

The allusion to concord – a concept used by Catalanism, intentionally used by the King – has preceded the positive balance of the Head of State of the achieved achievements that he considered as “a great triumph of all Spaniards”, thus linking with the new environment of national demand that is registered in the Spanish society after the Catalan separatist attempt and the mobilizations for the unity of Spain and the integrity of the Rule of Law that the monarch claimed in his strategic intervention of last October 3 of which this Christmas message It wants to be a continuation in positive terms, of encouragement and of warning measure.
He has referred to Spanish democracy as “mature, where any citizen can think, defend and democratically contrast their ideas”
Denying the secessionist “narrative”, the King has referred to Spanish democracy as “mature, where any citizen can think, defend and contrast, freely and democratically their opinions and ideas, but not impose their own ideas against the rights of the rest “, words previous to the warning of the Head of the State to the Catalan leaders so that, after the elections of the 21-D, they respect” the plurality “and do it” thinking about the common good of all “. Moreover: “the road can not lead back to confrontation or exclusion … which only generate discord, uncertainty, discouragement and moral impoverishment, civic – and of course – economic to an entire society.”

[The six messages of Philip VI to Puigdemont]
Felipe VI has expounded on the Catalan situation asking for “serenity, stability and mutual respect; so that ideas do not distance or separate families and friends. ” It is also necessary according to the King that in Catalonia “confidence, prestige” and his “best image” be reborn, and also that “the values ​​that have always characterized him in his own personality” and that have given him “the best moments of its history: its capacity for leadership and effort, its creative spirit and vocation for openness, its willingness to compromise and its sense of responsibility “.

King Felipe VI urges to “recover” the “leading role in the European project” because now “requires greater vitality and momentum”
The Head of State, however, has extended the angle of his traditional message to the more complex realities of our coexistence. This has been considered an “essential and priority objective” the creation of jobs and avoid “inequality and social differences” that especially affect young people. The memory of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils last August has led the King to warn against “jihadist terrorism”.

Felipe VI also notes that “corruption remains one of the main concerns of the Spanish and calls for measures for” its complete eradication. ” Recognizing that Spain has lost positions in the European Union, Felipe VI urges to “recover” the “leading role in the European project” as now “requires greater vitality and momentum.”

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