Do you want to work with the Dukes of Cambridge and Prince Harry?

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Working at the Kensington Palace is your dream? Well this is your lucky day! The Dukes of Cambridge and Prince Harry are looking for a communication expert to manage their daily flow of press releases, official communications and media relations, both in digital and traditional media, without forgetting social networks and international tours.


Through the website of the Royal House has published the offer of employment in which it is detailed that it is a fixed contract of 37 hours and a half per week for what is required “extensive experience” in communication, marketing and media, as well as “the ability to handle confidential information with tact and discretion at all times”. The announcement also requires “integrity and judgment” in decision-making and specifies that it also entails conducting research for special projects.

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Applications can be submitted until October 26 and, obviously this is not the announcement, the work at the Kensington Palace seems to be very interesting in the coming months. Not in vain, the possibility of an upcoming official engagement between Harry of England and Meghan Markle on the horizon and the subsequent Royal Wedding hovers.

As we have mentioned, social networks will be part of the new employee’s day-to-day life and we must remember that – leaving Rania from Jordan aside, since she is the most successful Queen in social networks – are the profiles of the Family Windsor those that more followers have of the European monarchies, although in this area there is also a good professional challenge since the trio star of the British monarchy still has a long way to go to reach the level of followers of Isabel II.

The Dukes of Cambridge and Prince Harry have a million followers on Twitter compared to the 3.25 million who are interested in the day to day of the Queen of England. Of course, on Instagram the thing changes and it is they who already surpass the two million fans comfortably while the account of the rest dedicated to the whole Windsor family has not yet reached the million.

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