Indonesia: Students protest against Valentine’s Day

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A date that does not mean anything to them becomes a reason for protest. In Indonesia, Valentine’s Day is a forbidden celebration

Several cities in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world, banned Wednesday to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the party of lovers, and the police were looking for couples who did not respect the decision. In accordance with this, a student protest against San Valentín was held.

In Surabaya, the second city of Indonesia, in the east of the island of Java, the police searched several hotels and arrested a score of infringing couples, who will be released after passing through the police station.

In the tourist island of Lombok, neighboring Bali, the municipality of Mataram ordered the police to carry out checks in the secondary schools in search of possible offenders.

On the other hand, romantic parties in hotels and cafes were authorized.

In Makassar, south of the island of Celebes (Sulawesi), the Valentine’s party is banned for years.

In Aceh, the only province in Indonesia that applies Islamic law, the authorities banned St. Valentine’s feasts by invoking religious norms. Even student protests were held.

“Valentine’s Day reflects a culture that does not correspond to the legislation in Aceh and Islamic law,” the governor of the province said in a statement.

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