Facebook: mother posted moving notice looking for friends for her daughter

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Lola Rizo is a woman whose daughter has different abilities. She looked for friends for her on Facebook

The publication on Facebook of a woman in Spain who was looking for friendships for her daughter with different abilities has gone around the world and has become viral. The moving message has generated all kinds of reactions.

The woman made an “urgent appeal” on Facebook in which she looked for “girls and boys of approximately 13 to 16 years” to be friends of her daughter Marta, a girl with different abilities based in the region of Murcia, in Spain.

I’m looking to get her out of the ghetto of special education. They are your friends, but only during school hours. He needs a separate life. He needs teachers of his age with whom to sing loudly when he takes them in the car or puts his equipment in full gear. I’m looking for friends, not caregivers. Friends-Teachers of your age, “says Lola Rizo’s message on Facebook.

Among her expectations is finding “people her age who want to take her out of the house sometimes and others who come, who celebrate her birthdays with her, with whom she talks about music, boys and clothes, with whom she goes to the movies or McDonald’s. I do not like it, but I’m not 15 years old and I accept it, who helps her live like a girl her age, who wants to hug her or who criticizes her mother, “he says in the publication on Facebook.

“I am looking for a hairline to be painted on the eye or whoever helps her to choose a bikini or to pluck herself with laughter, with whom to paint her colored nails and dye her hair in. I am looking for someone to swim or play with her. Whoever calls her on the phone, who can chat with, whoever invites her to sleep or wants to stay at home, I promise to turn a blind eye and be welcoming, “she adds.

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