The Government confirms that pensioners will lose their purchasing power again in 2018

Posted by - diciembre 30, 2017

The Government, on the proposal of the Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, and the Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez, approved yesterday that pensions will only increase in 2018 the minimum required by law, that is, 0.25% . Therefore, the Executive confirmed that pensioners will again lose purchasing power given that all estimates

This was the sale of Telefónica’s headquarters to AXA RE

Posted by - diciembre 28, 2017

The sale of the Telefónica Tower in Barcelona to AXA Real Estate for 107 million euros offers profitability from the minute one. Telefónica pays 6,535 million euros a year for rent, with a contract signed in 2010 for a period of 50 years with the Consortium of the Free Zone of Barcelona (CZFB), owner of

If you want revenues, you will have to risk

Posted by - diciembre 28, 2017

Where do I put my money in 2013? A new year is coming and many investors will be asking this question. The next course presents some common characteristics with which it now ends. Among them, that the market will continue to swim in liquidity with official interest rates at very low levels due to the

The rise of home delivery

Posted by - diciembre 28, 2017

The platforms and websites that operate in the restaurant sector generate a business of more than 60,000 million dollars in the US, Europe and Asia They do not have restaurants, or ovens, or waiters, but they are becoming the largest global operators in the stomach industry. Just Eat, Delivery Hero, GrubHub, Takeaway: these four companies

Attitude and ability to negotiate

Posted by - diciembre 28, 2017

More than two weeks after the second general election in six months, negotiations began on Tuesday in search of the inauguration of a Prime Minister. Political leaders want to regain lost time in stumbling blocks to reach an agreement before August. Or not? This is the moment in which Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sánchez and Albert

The environment as a weapon of war

Posted by - diciembre 28, 2017

In Iraq, 30 years of conflict have contributed to the pollution of air, land and water, thus becoming silent victims. The risks to human health are enormous, denounces a report Throughout the winter months of the Islamic State, the inhabitants of the Qayyarah region (Iraq) could not see the sun. A dense black smoke from

The European challenge of cleaning the air

Posted by - diciembre 28, 2017

After the departure of the US from the Paris Agreement, the fight against climate change seeks a new leader The fight against climate change took a giant step two years ago, when the representatives of about 200 countries agreed to the Paris Agreement with the aim of preventing the average increase in the temperature of