Netflix. The content has a price and is called cash flow

Posted by - julio 18, 2017

Apparent good results published yesterday by Netflix and response to the quote giving a jump from $ 160 to $ 180 per share. In particular, he highlighted the strong increase in the number of subscribers that increased by 5.2MM compared to the previous quarter versus the 3.2MM expected by analysts. Until now the good news.

Canada. Next victim of a brick bubble

Posted by - julio 17, 2017

Canada has a great virtue is that it is usually a country with a reputation for quiet that goes unnoticed on the international scene (the last controversy I remember about Canada was the war of the halibut with Spain in 1995). However, this may change in the coming years when the brick bubble that has

The North American Stock Exchange has only had one big buyer since the crisis

Posted by - julio 10, 2017

We already commented on it in a post in 2015 but now a study by Credit Suisse confirms our suspicions. Since the North American stock market began to recover from the financial crisis in 2009, the companies themselves (non financial corporates) are responsible, via repurchase of shares, to buy 18% of the market capitalization in

Sorry but Tesla does not dominate the electric car market

Posted by - julio 10, 2017

With a market capitalization of about $ 52 billion, similar to what GM, Ford or Nissan have today, no one doubts that Tesla is a brand of cars that has absolutely enthusiastic customers and that in some way leads the way to the car until today. electric, how it also seems certain that sooner or

How many companies like Amazon survived the dotcom bubble?

Posted by - julio 9, 2017

In March 2000, fully effervescence of the dotcom bubble, Barron’s magazine revealed a listing of 207 corporations that had come back recently commerce and had no advantages and burned giant amounts of money. The list was Amazon one in all the {good|the nice} successes of the dotcom era however as forever assume it’s good to