BMN absorption trigger the market share of Bankia in Granada, Baleares and Murcia

Posted by - junio 29, 2017

When the merger of BMN finish (the operation is scheduled to be completed throughout the primary half 2018), genus Bankia can become the leading entity in urban center, Murcia and therefore the Balearic Islands. in line with a report in the week by the entity chaired by Goirigolzarri, the market share of deposits in urban

HUSTLE hecatombe and the milagro Cebrían

Posted by - junio 28, 2017

It is true that in 2008 Spain swept an economic crisis of massive proportions, and it is true that the media in general are in a position to check with the paradigm shift involved in internet, but almost 10 years later and seeing the results of PRISA group , one wonders how he managed to